How do unstable aircraft fly without a computer..?

The answer is very poorly, I forgot to engage the gyros prior to a test glide, and needless to say it fell to the floor like a brick.

Unfortunately the white polystyrene prototype fuse snapped but not until after I'd got the yaw gains sorted and almost tuned the pitch.

So a new fuselage is required and here is the replacement waiting for glue and 2mm upper and lower balsa skins which will be hand shaped after fixing. The two pieces of waste from the fuse longerons will be used as clamping fixtures.

A liberal application of glue and clamping is required, a good 24hrs cure time, then some filler and sanding ready for a glass skin.

The receiver will go in the rear section, KK2 controller amid-ships, and the two batteries up front behind the lead ballast. The KK2 requires a separate supply for the processor so that noise from the servos doesn't give it a headache!

Hopefully this prototype will work well, then I'll have to think about a production solution...

2015-03-22 18.17.59.png

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