Model scale air data Beta vane... unfortunately its just too fragile to use!

Ok so let’s say you had a model that was unstable in yaw and a rate gyro wasn’t doing enough for you what's next. You could go to a Heading Hold gyro... but then you'd have to fly the aircraft in yaw, or you could use sideslip feedback but for that you'd need an air data vane...

After a little head scratching, some custom electronics, 3D printing, the tiniest bearings and a little luck here it is. As a prototype its fine but far too fragile for using for real, in terms of scale the case is 18mm dia. If I decide to ruggedize this I think the case will get milled from solid acetyl bar and the vane will need to be properly designed. But hey the concept is good...

Apologies for the noise, hair dryers aren't the quietest of wind generators, or for that matter do they produce a non-turbulent flow. The vane is much more stable when walking about holding it or outside in an open area.

And now back to something less technical for a bit... some saw dust and glue... :-)

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