Celestron CG-5 Telescope Mount Case

And today's progress, after finally getting my CG-5 working I thought it was prudent to look after it properly... hopefully she'll be safe an secure in here from now on. Link to the case is - http://cpc.farnell.com/unbranded/17048h184pl-079-gpb/plastic-case-482x375x184-black/dp/SG33330?ost=sg33330 Fitted out with polystyrene, faced with Depron floor insulation, the egg box foam came with the case.

I also got this bag for the tripod, but it's about 18" too long so needs fettling by a friend with a heavy duty sewing machine. http://cpc.farnell.com/pulse/pls00030/carry-bag-single-light-stand/dp/DP29590?ost=dp29590 So another good day getting my kit ready for some clearer skies.

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