Printing with ABS really is fan-tastic...

As usual its difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff when looking for advice on printing, cooling is definitely an much discussed topic. Havig neede to cool my 3D Hubs samples I decided to do the upgrade and selected the Wanhao Duplicator 4X Cooling Fan Duct.

Having printed the first iteration of the front fan mount without cooling I then used this prety tatty print to cool the second front fan duct as pictured left. Then I printed the rear fan mount with just front cooling. I will re-print but there are a few more upgrades I want to get sorted to get my ABS prints really clean.

I'd note that both of the prevailing views appear to be true, ABS hates cold drafts curling from teh bed and splitting on corners, and loves a consistent thermal distribution. However I've found that running the fans in an enclosure really improves quality thermally conditioning the pring bed rather than cooling it.

Anyway I'm just loving the print quality with these two fitted, however there are some issues with the fit on my D4S so I will be designing my own version in good time.

Have fun, and watch this space!

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