Para-glider pilot and wing ready to fly...

The pilot is based on the concept of the, however due to the use of different servos and a Blue Box action figure the engineering is notably different. The harness is curtesy of

I've used a pair of Hitec HS225-MG servos back to back fitted inside the pilots chest. I will probably will work up a 3D printed direct replacement in the future.

The wing is a HobbyKing Parafoil I've CA'd all of the knots and only had to re-rig one of the lines to get equal tension across all of them. The webbing attachment points have also been re-engineered based on some testing on the hill last weekend, the pitch setup isn't quite as recommended on the HK forum but I can easily reset it as the webbing is secured with safety pins for the first flight.

Video of the pilot in action, I think you'll agree he looks pretty good!

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